Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Encouraging everyone’s light to shine (Matthew 5:16)

Essendon School strives to be a caring and inclusive Christian community which values each individual and encourages their light to shine in spirit, mind and body.


Our Values: The Essendon Way

To achieve our vision of 'The Essendon Way', we teach six key values; focusing on one each half term. Based upon the Christian value of love, the five Essendon Values are:


  • Love yourself

  • Love others

  • Love God

  • Love learning

  • Love the world you live in


These five Essendon values underpin everything we do and teach as a school, helping to develop our children as both individuals as well as members of a wider global community. Within each value, we use our 'guiding lights' to support our learning.

These values lay the foundations for the achievement of our curriculum intentions. The diagram below shows how they fit together. For further information about our curriculum, click here.

Values pillars final.png