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At Essendon, we strongly believe that the whole school community is responsible for keeping children safe.  We understand the essential role we play in protecting children.  As such, our school safeguards children by:
•    creating a safe environment for children and young people through robust safeguarding practices
•    teaching children about keeping themselves safe
•    ensuring that adults who work in the school, including volunteers, are safe and pose no risk to children
•    training staff and keeping them updated with safeguarding policy and practices, so that they are confident in responding to concerns
•    maintaining an environment where children feel able to share worries with any member of staff
We have a Safeguarding Team (Designated Safeguarding Leads), who are responsible for ensuring that polices and practices are effective and who have a legal responsibility for dealing with safeguarding issues, providing advice and support to staff, liaising with the Local Authority, and working with a range of other agencies.

For more information and support for parents - NSPCC


At Essendon, we take E-Safety very seriously.  It is never too early for children to learn about how to keep themselves safe and in the technological world we live in nowadays, this is even more of a priority in terms of online safety.
Image consent
Our school uses images of pupils on our website and sometimes, in press releases.  You as a parent/carer are given the option to refuse this. At the beginning of every academic year a form requesting this information will be sent out to you but you can change your preference at any time by contacting the office.
E-Safety in and around our school
We teach children about e-safety both in discrete lessons and themed 'Internet Safety' weeks but it is also woven through our curriculum when we are using technology.  Children are always supervised whilst online at school and there are firewalls on our systems which protect against inappropriate content.  If any member of staff or child suspects misuse, either by a teacher or child, the issue must be reported to the head teacher without delay.


NSPCC Online safety information for parents. 



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