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Curriculum Maps

At Essendon, we are committed to providing a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum for all of our pupils. Driven by our vision and values, we focus on a topic based learning approach, which change every half-term. Each of our topics are linked to both an Essendon value as well as 'curriculum drivers' e.g. Geography & Science. At the heart of every topic are quality texts, based on CLPE schemes of learning. For more on CLPE see here.

At Essendon we follow the 2014 National Curriculum

Year A & B Overviews

Due to our split year groups, we run on a two-year rolling curriculum (Year A & Year B). For 2023-2024 we are on Year B. Click the links below for our overviews:


(year 1 & 2)


(year 3 & 4)


(year 5 & 6)

Early Years Overview


(Reception and Nursery)

Early Years Curriculum Document

Development Matters Document 

non statutory

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework

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