Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to build upon and reinforce the Essendon Values, which are:


Love yourself

Love others

Love God

Love Learning

Love the world around you


It is designed to help us to achieve our vision, which we call the Essendon Way. (For more information on the Essendon Way, see our Vision and Values page, here).

Curriculum intent

At Essendon, we believe a child’s time at school is a journey, and we are committed to supporting every pupil to grow and develop into positive, responsible citizens. We achieve this through a focus on our five key curriculum outcomes:


  • Independence & wellbeing (Link value: Love Yourself)

  • Inclusivity & respect (Link value: Love Others)

  • Spirituality & insight (Link value: Love God)

  • Knowledge & skills (Link value: Love Learning)

  • Awe & wonder (Link value: Love The World You Live In)


We work together to develop the whole child and to ensure that every learner leaves Essendon with the ability to fulfill their true potential.


Curriculum implementation

The path to the achievement of our curriculum intentions is illuminated by our guiding lights:


Independence & wellbeing (built on the value of love yourself)

  1. Inspiring courage by promoting a growth mindset and willingness to take risks in learning

  2. Inspiring hope by encouraging a positive outlook towards future growth and change

  3. Inspiring joy by engaging pupils in inspiring and stimulating learning experiences

  4. Inspiring creativity by teaching pupils to be resourceful problem-solvers and imaginative thinkers

  5. Inspiring resilience by enabling children to develop their self-knowledge and self-regulation in order to cope with the demands of a rapidly changing world


Inclusivity & respect (built on the value of love others)

  1. Inspiring generosity through the celebration of everyone’s successes

  2. Inspiring compassion by treating all members of our community with dignity and respect

  3. Inspiring friendship by promoting diversity and valuing others regardless of our differences

  4. Inspiring forgiveness by teaching the importance of tolerance and acceptance

  5. Inspiring patience by encouraging understanding of differing points of view


Spirituality & insight (built on the value of love God)

  1. Inspiring service by instilling a guiding sense of purpose and duty

  2. Inspiring trust through a sense of teamwork and co-operation

  3. Inspiring thankfulness by encouraging gratitude for the opportunities we receive

  4. Inspiring honesty by encouraging pupils to reflect on the consequences of their actions upon others

  5. Inspiring humility by seeking to make improvements in ourselves and our ways of working


Knowledge & skills (built on the value of love learning)

  1. Inspiring wisdom through the delivery of a challenging, broad and engaging curriculum

  2. Inspiring preparedness by supporting all children to be ready for the next stages of their lives

  3. Inspiring growth by delivering high quality teaching and learning for all, regardless of starting point or prior attainment

  4. Inspiring curiosity by promoting a love of knowledge and the creative expression of ideas through writing, art, dance, drama, music and sport

  5. Inspiring perseverance by encouraging pupils to recognise the value of their efforts


Awe & wonder (built on the value of love the world you live in)

  1. Inspiring stewardship by empowering pupils with a sense of their ability to create positive and lasting change in the world

  2. Inspiring justice by demonstrating the value of fairness, forgiveness and restoration

  3. Inspiring peace through the promotion of understanding and positive conflict resolution

  4. Inspiring respect through a deepening understanding of world events, religions and movements for change

  5. Inspiring responsibility through protecting our environment and its finite resources


What impact does this have on our children?

At Essendon, we believe our curriculum helps children to become:


  1. Pupils who understand and put into practice our core values

  2. Pupils who love learning and are ready to move forward to the next stage of their education

  3. Pupils’ work that shows good quality and progress over time

  4. Pupils’ progress and attainment in national measures including the Early Years Outcomes, the Year 1 Phonics test, KS1 SATs and KS2 SATs

  5. Pupils’ own opinions of their wellbeing, learning and progress, as shown through pupil voice surveys and their continuing good attendance

  6. Parents, governors and staff expressing satisfaction in pupil’s learning and progress

  7. Teachers and curriculum leaders who are empowered to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences

  8. Our school community supporting every child on their learning journey, encouraging them to fulfil their true potential regardless of their starting point.