Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee


We are a GOOD school!

What the Inspector had to say…


  • "Pupils develop well both academically and socially."

  • "The quality of teaching throughout the school is at least good."

  • "I saw evidence of the most able pupils being stretched."

  • "Pupils are able to work independently."

  • "Leadership of mathematics is now particularly strong."

  • "The provision of mathematics throughout key stage 1 and 2 [is] a strength of the school."

  • "Pupils are very well behaved, both within the classroom and in the playground."

  • "In lessons, pupils are eager to learn."

  • "The split nature of each class (whereby two year groups study together) works very well."

  • "Pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, including opportunities to learn about the outside world."

  • "Child protection concerns are taken seriously, appropriate action is taken when necessary."

  • "Pupils feel very safe at school."

  • "Pupils I spoke to stated categorically that bullying did not happen at Essendon."

  • "Children's skills are developed throughout the early years, ensuring they are ready for learning in Year 1."

You can download the full report by clicking the link below: