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Essendon School Association

The ESA is one of the ways for parents to become involved in the life of the school, and makes an invaluable contribution to the school through its fundraising activity.

The ESA is Essendon C of E (VC) Primary School's parent teacher association. The ESA is primarily a fundraising body, but equally important is it's contribution to the overall life of the school.


Parents of children registered at the school with an interest in helping our association can be a member of the ESA. There is a core committee of trustees and a wider team of members, we arrange to all meet regularly to plan and organise events and to decide how to spend the money raised.


Events are varied and range from a Parents Welcome Evening at the start of each new academic year, an annual Summer Fayre, a children's discos to Pamper Evenings, Children's Talent Show and Film Nights. All are organised by a very hard working group of parents who are always looking for others to join in and lend a hand at functions.


The ESA are always working and supporting in the background.

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