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Lots of you have asked about how you can support your child with his or her spelling at home. The National Curriculum 2014 encourages pupils of all ages to investigate, understand and spot patterns in spelling, using what they know already to help them, rather than trying to learn spellings by "rote".


We encourage our pupils to make the link between speaking, reading, spelling and writing and to develop a "can-do" attitude to their spelling.


Learning spellings is something that is often thought of as "boring" or "difficult" but at Essendon, we make spelling fun. Children enjoy open-ended tasks and challenges, doodling, competitions, game playing and a range of strategies to build their confidence with spelling.


You can join in with the fun ... how many ways can you think of to write the sound "ay"? I wonder whether you can think of more than your child - challenge him or her to a competition! How many words can you, as a family, think of with the suffix "tele" or with the suffix "ssion"? In English, do more words end "ent" or "ant" and is there any pattern you can spot which might give you a clue as to which one to use?


There are lots of fun online games you can help your child to play. Have a look at for example.


The spelling rules and word lists which pupils are expected to know at each age are attached below.


If you have any questions for would like any further support, please speak to your child's class teacher