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Essendon C of E (VC) Primary School

Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works


We have two year groups in each class. This gives teachers the time to really get to know the pupils well. Less time is needed for handover and getting to know pupils each year. The pupils take turns being the older or the younger year group in each class. This gives them the chance both to learn from older pupils and to have the opportunity to "teach" younger pupils. We have found this system benefits the pupils in both year groups. It is a well-researched and evidenced fact that pupils learn well from teaching and explaining to other.


Our EYFS team cater for the needs of pupils with child-centred planning which focuses on the needs and preferences of the individual pupils. Teaching is via a combination of adult led and child led activities across all Areas of Learning and Development. The unit is "zoned" so that there is always access to an activity promoting each area of learning. A topic is suggested by staff each term to ensure that all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are fully covered. However, we know that pupils learn better when they are engaged and excited by a topic. Therefore, additional topics inspired by the children are taught each term.


Phonics is taught through the "Letters and Sounds" scheme.


Further information about the expected outcomes and planned activities for each year group can be found below.