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Sports Premium Deployment


What is Sports Premium?

The PE and sport premium is a government funding initiative designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.


How much funding does Essendon receive?

At Essendon, we used to receive approximately £8,500 premium funding to facilitate PE and sport. In September 2017, the government agreed to double the funding available bringing our total funding for this year to £13,222 (because the new funding was only made available in September, part way through the financial year).


How is the Sports Premium funding deployed at Essendon?



At Essendon, we believe that every pupil is entitled to be healthy and to learn key skills to prepare them for competitive and healthy sports later in life. We also believe in building team spirit and promoting positive behaviour through physical play. Finally, we want to develop sporting habits in school which are easy for pupils to enjoy out of school – inexpensive, not resource or equipment intensive and possible to do anywhere, anytime alone or with friends.


What our stakeholders want:

We asked pupils, staff and families what they wanted to help to promote physically active and healthy lifestyles.

  • Pupils told us that they wanted more to do at playtime and lunchtime.
  • Staff observed that our pupils would benefit from opportunities to develop their teamwork.
  • Pupils and families told us they wanted more competitive sporting opportunities.
  • Pupils and parents wanted a range of different sporting activities available as after school clubs.
  • Staff and parents believe our pupils benefit from regular exercise which becomes a habit which pupils will retain in later life.


Review of 2016-2017 expenditure:

Following feedback from parents’ and pupils’ questionnaires in November 2015, we used our Sports Premium grant in 2016-2017 to enable us to recruit a specialist PE teacher.

We advertised and recruited during the Autumn term 2016 and our new PE teacher joined our staff team in January 2017. Drop-ins during PE sessions already show that high quality teaching of PE is taking place.

At Sports Day 2017 families and staff commented on the improvement in technique and teamwork of our pupils.


2017-2018 expenditure:





Specialist PE Teacher:

We continue to employ a specialist PE teacher who works with each class once a week working on core skills and team work.

He also runs lunchtime sports clubs and works with individual children at lunchtimes to help with their physical literacy and to model games and sports pupils can play at breaks and lunchtimes on their own or with friends.


Tarmacking part of the school field:

It was decided to invest in a long term, sustainable project that would benefit children attending Essendon in future years and not just the current cohort. We have tarmacked a section of the field. This has created a running track which has increased the area available, in all weather conditions, for playtimes and lunchtimes. It facilitates the use of cycles without congestion on the playground. We will be paying for this over two years.


It also provides a good sized track for whole class or whole school running every day, the Daily Mile.


(£4,352 2017-2018)

£1,248 (2018-2019)


Pupils were keen for a physical alternative to ball games. We have invested in 5 sturdy tricycles suitable for all pupils which can be used alone or with a friend (passenger space is available behind cyclist). They are well used by pupils and encourage turn taking.


PE lessons and breaktime resources and consumables:

The remaining funds will be spent throughout the year on a discretionary basis replacing, improving or updating sports equipment used by all at play times and during PE lessons. This is with the aim of allowing all the children access to quality, fit for purpose, equipment on a regular basis, as well as exposing them to equipment they haven’t used in the past, for example softball gloves or lacrosse sticks.





Participation in school lunch time clubs is growing. The year 5 and 6 netball club has a regular attendance of 9 girls. The lunchtime basketball club regularly has 20 children attending. Lunchtime football clubs have 10 -15 children per session. Unstructured participation in sports at break times has also increased and children are given free access to a variety of sports equipment and encouraged to create and officiate their own games.


The newly laid track has allowed the daily mile to be completed each day by every class and continues to be used successfully.

Work has been done to create assessment data that will allow staff to track children’s physical literacy, and identify areas that need improvement, both on an individual and whole school basis, as children progress through the school. This will be used continuously and will allow accurate pictures of children’s physical literacy to develop over time.


You can read more about how we have used our funding in detail in the attached document.

Sports Premium Deployment