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Caring and Learning Together

Join the ESA

Our small charity constitution requires that members opt in by contacting the trustees. Don't worry it is not hard and you don't need to do anything as a member (although we would love you to help of course)! Once a member you will have the right to vote at meetings, and also as a member our secretary will be able to add you onto ESA bulletins/emails/text alerts etc. that we hope to send out.  Membership needs renewing every three years but we will remind you when!


Fill in the form below to let the team know that you support us and are happy for us to hold your contact details. We will not share your details with anyone.

I opt in, make me a member please!

Just put: your name(s); your children's names; mobile phone number and any other info you think might help us. If you have particular skills/interests/ideas you can include them on the same form.

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