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Ethos and Values


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the work on Ethos and Values which took place over the Autumn Term 2016. We asked every member of our school community, "What makes our school special?" The following word cloud summarises the responses. The more often a word was used as a response, the bigger it appears in the word cloud.




The Staff and Governors have summarised all your hard work in the following strap line and Ethos and Values statement ....


Essendon C of E (VC) Primary School

Caring and Learning Together



At Essendon C of E (VC) Primary School, we value:


  • the ethos of the school based on key Christian values which make it the inclusive, tolerant, welcoming and caring place it is;

  • the individuality of each child within the school community;

  • the close relationship with our Church and local community;

  • the right of every child (irrespective of ability, gender, race, culture, religion, Special Educational Needs and disability or social circumstances ) to the best quality education within a safe, secure and supportive learning environment; and

  • the importance of teaching children to become resilient, independent, responsible and caring citizens in the 21st century.