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Essendon C of E (VC) Primary School

Caring and Learning Together


We have two year groups in each class. This gives teachers the time to really get to know the pupils well. Less time is needed for handover and getting to know pupils each year. The pupils take turns being the older or the younger year group in each class. This gives them the chance both to learn from older pupils and to have the opportunity to "teach" younger pupils. We have found this system benefits the pupils in both year groups. It is a well-researched and evidenced fact that pupils learn well from teaching and explaining to other.


We have a two-year rolling curriculum to cater for our split classes. Our curriculum covers all the requirements of the EYFS 2012 and the National Curriculum 2014 in a fun and exciting way. A link to our Curriculum Overview of the curriculum is below (although please be aware that we are in the process of updating it so not all information is currently included). Each class' current curriculum information for the term can be found by following the relevant class link.


We follow the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Programme) in our PSHE sessions to help develop independent, resilient children who are able to learn and play well and who are well prepared for the next phase in their life. A link to the current SEAL theme and focus areas is below.


Pupils read in class every day, either in a Guided Reading session or individually. Pupils are encouraged to choose books to read for pleasure from our well-stocked library.


We use a scheme called Renaissance Reader, which allows pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the books they have read independently, by “quizzing” online. Books are banded by the level and difficulty of content and comprehension.


Phonics is taught through the "Letters and Sounds" scheme. In addition, we use "Read Write Inc." for some interventions or extra practice of phonics.


For further information about your child's curriculum for this term, please see the class pages below and/or speak to his or her class teacher.