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A Church School

"The strong Christian environment of this school develops in pupils a positive attitude and helps them become confident learners keen to achieve their best” SIAMS 2015


At Essendon, we follow a values curriculum. Pupils are taught about the importance of the Christian values (such as Love, Joy, Friendship, Hope, Forgiveness) and all members of the school community, both adults and children, are encouraged to live out those values which underpin everything we do at school. As such, the learning environment is caring and supportive. Pupils learn from and support one another; they recognise the achievements and qualities of their classmates. Pupils are given daily opportunities to reflect on our school values and to worship either as a whole school or in their classroom.


We work closely with St Mary’s the Virgin church and take regular opportunities to visit the church, whether for an end of term service or for other learning opportunities throughout the year. We are fortunate to have the support of Rev. Pauline Higham who leads collective worship at school on a weekly basis.


“Pupils are aware of different cultures and religions and understand why this is important.” Ofsted 2013


In religious education sessions, as well as being taught about Christian principles and beliefs, pupils learn about those of other major world religions. Children are given opportunities to learn about other cultures, religious beliefs, customs and ways of life.

Our Values include:

Statement of British values

St Mary's Sunday Club programme